About Us

We started Dance Shoes of Tennessee in 2004 after an extensive search for dance shoes for Patsy!  She found shoes that were a fit, comfortable, and quality.  She decided we needed to start a dance shoe business.  Our primary goal initially and still is to provide quality and comfortable dance shoes that fit the dancer correctly. Dance shoes are a necessary accessory of the dancer and will make your dance far more enjoyable.

Through the years Dance Shoes of Tennessee has worked hard to develop a reputation for Service and Integrity!  We work hard to fit the dancer with the correct size and the correct shoes and boots for the dance for which they are involved .  During these years we have sought to develop a local business to serve the needs of local studios and dancers; to be available for and involved with regional dance events; and to establish an online presence.

We have put great emphasis on establishing and maintaining our local business with the development of good relationships with dance studios and dancers.  Since our "shoe boutique" in located in our home and we are often away at one of several dance events of which we are involved we do not keep "store hours"!  We try to promote to dancers to call before you come over because we may be at some event in another state!  This continues to work well.

Through the years our association with events has evolved to becoming associated with several premier dance events in the Eastern United States.  Generally these include the All Star Dance Camp, the National Square Dance Convention, the ICBDA (National Round Dance) Convention,  several UCWDC sanctioned events, several state Square  Dance events, and several events associated with dance studios.  Some of these events we have had the opportunity to be a part of for a number of years now.  Patsy says it's like homecoming when we attend the next year because of the close relationships developed.

Also with the evolvement of Dance Shoes of Tennessee has been the changing inventory patterns.  This has included the addition of many styles of dance shoes as well as manufacturers.  We now have many options for the ballroom dancers, country dancers, line dancers, square dancers, and swing dancers!  A few years ago with the opportunity to be a part of several events sanctioned by the UCWDC we added the western dance boots.  We joined with Pro Dance Boots and Debbie Brunell, USA Distributor, and inventory these boots.  At that time we connected with the Cities In Line Boots made in Spain.  As such we are the USA Distributors for that product.  We also inventory the western boots from SwayD as well as their fashion line. And more recently we have added several new styles for the Portdance Mfg. that are being very well accepted.

We are dealers for the American Shoe Mfg & Design (for 17 years);  Cities In Line, Spain;  Dance Connection;  Portdance Shoes, Portugal;  Pro Dance Boots with Debbie Brunelle;  and SwayD.   These manufacturers have quality and stylish products with competitive prices.

Our primary goal has been and still is to provide quality and comfortable dance footwear that fit the dancers correctly.  Having these new and exciting brands will offer dancers the opportunity to try on and consider what works best for their feet all in one place.